5 Furnace Maintenance Tips for a Long Lasting Furnace

With winter just around the corner, you’ve got furnace maintenance on your mind. 

Namely, you want to make sure your equipment’s in working order before temperatures drop. It’s a great idea to do it now — you don’t want to be left in the cold this winter. 

So, side-step a broken furnace by following our furnace maintenance checklist. 

1. Clean the Filter

One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make is failing to replace their furnace’s filter. 

This screen has the all-important job of stopping dirt, dust, and other debris from getting into your furnace. If you don’t replace your filter with a fresh one every so often, it can decrease the machine’s efficacy. 

That’s because dirt will start to escape the filter if it’s overloaded. A furnace full of dirt won’t run well. On top of that, debris can flow through the equipment and into the air in your home, which can exacerbate health conditions including asthma. 

So, make sure you swap out your furnace’s filter every 90 days to keep it running well. 

2. Vacuum the Furnace

Next on your furnace maintenance checklist is a little bit of vacuuming. 

Just as dirt can build up in the filter, it can do the same inside of your machinery. You just need to open the furnace door and attach the brush attachment to your vacuum, then remove all of the built-up debris. 

3. Fix Dry Bearings

In older furnace models, the bearings will need your attention during your gas furnace maintenance check. 

Specifically, they need oiling ahead of the winter. Remove the oil caps, then use a household oil to lubricate them. Use a small amount, as too much oil on your furnace could be a fire hazard. 

4. Check the Fanbelt

Your furnace’s fanbelt will get looser over time, so give yours an inspection as part of your annual furnace maintenance check. 

Without a functioning fanbelt, your furnace won’t be able to move the blower. This task is an essential one when it comes to heating your house. 

If you notice your fanbelt has gotten looser, you can loosen the bracket to match its new shape. You can also replace it with a new fanbelt — or bring in a furnace installation company to help. 

5. Unblock Vents

Your furnace may seem to need repair because hot air is being blocked from entering your abode. And that may have nothing to do with the function — or disfunction — of your heating system. 

Instead, it could be that the vents in your rooms are physically blocked, thus preventing heat from escaping. Or, they could have too much dirt and debris in front of them, which would stop heat from moving, too. 

You’ll want to keep your vents clear to protect the longevity of your furnace, too. If they’re blocked, it will work harder to create the heat you need. And an overworked furnace won’t last as long. 

Make Furnace Maintenance a Priority

Now that you know the basics of furnace maintenance, it’s important to perform them regularly to maintain your heating equipment. That way, it’ll last longer and run efficiently. And, more importantly, you and your family will stay cozy this winter and beyond. 

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