5 SureFire Ways on How To Increase Your YouTube Views Quickly

It is very heartbreaking if you upload a video on YouTube and only the people who watched were your mom, dad, siblings and a few numbers of close friends. So, what can you do if you are posting a video and nobody is watching them? It can be difficult for new you-tubers to get organic views on their newly uploaded videos on YouTube. For getting enough viewers on YouTube video you need to learn and implement some new strategies. Let’s discuss some tested and tried methods by successful you-tubers to increase YouTube views quickly. 

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1. Ask for honest feedback

Join a Facebook group where people do share their videos and ask for honest feedback. This will help you to grow and help you to figure out what’s in your video needs to be correct. It can your content, your title, your way of delivery or it can be any other thing. But unless you get the outside objective opinions you cannot find where you need to change the strategy. Go to the YouTube conference whenever you get time. There you can get some constructive criticism that is not even easy to take. You pour your full effort into creating content but this the only way to groom and gain more YouTube views for your channel if you ask people for their feedback.

2. Built an attractive channel homepage

To get youtube views, analyze if your channel is reaching out to the targeted audience. You must give a professional look to your channel so that the audience can identify why they should subscribe to your channel and watch your videos. Also, your homepage must contain the playlist that describes what you are all about. Highlights the content you use to create because people don’t subscribe to your channel if it is not going to be valuable to them or if it is not something informative for them. So, you must have a look at your channel homepage and customize it for your subscriber if necessary. You can refer to the other YouTube channel to get the idea for homepage customization.

3. Study your analytics

Newcomers generally don’t do enough about this at the beginning of the channel. Going to your analytics gives you an idea about your audience retention. You can find out that over which period audiences are dropping off your video. If they are dropping off your video within a minute, it means you need to fix something because you are not able to grab their attention. They are enticed by the thumbnail and the title but when they see it not what they are searching for they will not watch your video. Go to the creator studio and check the audience retention for your every uploaded video. Once you got the particular period of your video after that people stop watching it, just stop doing such a mistake further.

4. Click heart button on peoples comment

Whenever you get the comment on your YouTube video click the heart button for every comment. Though, it sounds very small thing to do when you do that that person gets the notification that you hearted their comment. If gives them a sense of pleasure and hopefully they will come back to your video and respond by being thankful for your response. And when you do that your video starts playing. This is one of the coolest and effective tips to get audience retention. 

5. Do little research before putting titles and thumbnails

You might have heard many times about this tip. But titles and thumbnails have the potential to make or break your channel. You should understand that what kind of story on thumbnail grab the people’s attention and how to put the appropriate title to gets people to click. You can have the best content but no one is going to see it if you don’t put enticing thumbnails and titles to make people tempt to click. So, start spending a little more time on your title and your thumbnails. Almost every successful creator spends twice as much time creating their thumbnails than they do their video content. So, take a look at that on your channel.


Being a successful you-tuber requires consistent efforts and patience. From the above discussion, we have discovered some useful methods to get youtube views. You must ask for honest feedback from experienced people who can let you are where you need to improve. Always try to reflect the idea of your channel through your homepage. Your homepage lets the audience know why they should watch your videos. Keep eye on the analytics, respond to comments and put the enticing titles and thumbnails. Follow the above tips and explore more for being successful.