5 Tips to Redecorate your Bedroom

Your bedroom is the most intimate space in your whole house that resonates with your personality in more ways than one. If you are looking to modify this personal sanctuary to echo your feelings and persona better, you can take into consideration the following five tips to decorate your bedroom is your own cozy and comfortable getaway.

Choose your furniture wisely

While we all have our biases when it comes to furniture, it is important to pay attention to scale. Choose the items you purchase wisely, depending on the size of your room. Putting a huge four-poster bed in a tight space may not be the wisest choice. Let go of the excess items and add space-saving, modular pieces that embody your style as well as being efficient.

Don’t leave the walls blank

Painting your walls in bright or neutral shades does make your room look pretty, however, adding in a few wall décor items can significantly modify their plain look. Opt for paintings, wall hangings or adjustable lamps that can be smartly affixed to the wall.

The floor needs a makeover too

We are often busy decorating the walls that we forget about the floor. Throw in a bright rug and see how it transforms a low-key key room into a warm and comfortable one.

Segregate the spaces efficiently

Apart from the bed, you can add other types of furniture to your bedroom too. Place a relaxing chair by the window in the corner and keep a reading light close. This helps you assign personalities to different spaces in your bedroom and lets you spend some leisure time in your room away from the bed.

Add tones and textures

Offer your bedroom a layered feel by using a variety of colors from bold, eye-catching hues to warm neutrals. Add textured drapes or a duvet to further the cozy yet palatable feel to your personal space.

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