5 trendy jewellery designs for every bride out there!

Marriage is one of the most special and important events in every woman’s life. It is something which one dreams about right from their childhood. Jewellery plays a vital role in every bride’s life as they start assembling those little pieces of joy with love in order to make their bridal day memorable. Since it is a day which marks a new era in every girl’s life, each one of them looks for innovative, elegant and eye-catching designs for their jewellery. 

Here, we’ve tried to make every bride’s long and tedious quest for a trendy jewellery design easier by assembling five of them for every bride out there:

Diamond Cocktail Ring

Rings are something which comes into play right from the beginning of the rituals of marriage, i.e., engagement day and remains with the bride as a symbol of union for her entire life. So, who would not love to have a diamond cocktail ring in her finger as it is well-known that “Diamonds are women’s best friend”. Cocktail rings are a bit heavier than the usual, ordinary rings. It can be studded with any precious stones of a bride’s choice. Since it’s not the usual piece of art, it gives an extraordinary touch to the entire design of the ring. So, its speciality makes it one of a kind which never goes out of fashion. 

Bangles With Kalires

In Indian marriage irrespective to any religion, bangles play one of the most ritualistic function and traditionally it is called “choora”. Since it is of paramount importance, every bride would like to have this piece of jewellery with a renovative touch. One cannot do much with the colour like red with golden is a must for a wedding. One can experiment with the kalires and add this to the bangles with the diverse form of designs like one can add beads of pearl or beads of colourful metals. Bangles with innovative kalires are bound to create a hype in the joyous day of a bride.

Nose Ring

There are various kinds of nose rings that the bride can try on her wedding day. So, having an exorbitant piece of nose ring is always welcoming for a bride-to-be. Here, one can try diverse types of designs as the bride can choose to add either layer of chain with the main nose ring or can just choose to have an elegant, sober form of nose ring with no chains. 


The necklace is one jewellery accessory which no jewellery-loving bride can afford to go wrong. It is like the headline of a news article because it is something which grabs the first attention of the viewer and it also determines the quality and feature of the other pieces of jewellery. There are oceans of choice for the bride as this piece of jewellery offers a wide and extensive range of choice starting from chokers, chokers with danglers, satlada, navratan to panchalada or kundan. It gives the epitomic touch to the entire setting of the bride.

Maang Tika 

Mang Tika has an integral role in every desi marriage. It is actually employed in every form of marriage around the world, be it maang tika or tiara or hairpins or crowns. Head jewellery is used to add that one last lustre to the entire luminous preparation of the bride. There are various forms of head jewellery and one can choose either a simple one with a sober touch or a hefty one with beads of tiaras around the main piece of jewellery.

With the essential and most endearing pieces of jewellery mentioned above, any bride can fulfil her wishes for the most planned event of her life. Jewellery symbolises the stature of the family in terms of wealth as jewellery is invariably linked with the glory and honour of the family. It also says a lot about the bride’s distinctive characteristics. Thus, with the five trendy and not leaving the race of bridal jewellery’s set-up, one can absolutely leave an eternal mark for the ordinary days to follow.

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