5 Ways to Style a White Double Hung Window

Have you ever come across those houses that sport a white double-hung window? They are amazing to look and marvel at right? But what if you didn’t know how to style a white double-hung window and leave it just like a plain and normal? It would not justify that beautiful house you own there. Hence, here are a few ways as to how you can style the white double-hung window.

There are so many ways that your home can support these windows. You just need to be creative enough to know how to style. This brief guide we have here is explained to you in simple terms. Those hung windows can be styled with just like how to style a classic denim shirt. So here is a brief guide for you to learn and understand those 5 different ways.

Always remember, a subway tile, the best marble countertops with a rotating fireplace, and the classic white double-hung windows will never go out of style. It is the staple design template that is etched in every interior designer’s minds as well as the craftsmen. Right from swanky houses to the modern farmhouses, everyone now likes the white double-hung windows. It accentuates the complete look of the house and adds that sense of character where the house can be known to be unique. You can choose some elements to pair up with the windows. You can choose the divided lite patterns, trim style, window dressings for further designing of the windows. Apart from that, the wall colors can also play a huge role in the styling of the hung windows.

What are some features of double hung windows?

For every type of windows, you might have in the house, certain features are quite necessary to understand and know. For example, it is a pro in saving energy and is often known as energy efficient. It provides a lot of ventilation and it is quite easier to clean these windows. When you have a helping hand in maintaining the windows, then the work is easy for you. Hence, though these double-hung windows can give a tough time, they are easily manageable and hence a great choice for your home.

1.      Have white around the windows.

When you have double hung windows around, have some white walls around it. This gives them a white double hung window some beauty. In a room where the light colors and calming ones are dominating, these windows can give them much more than serenity and calmness. These windows are the seamless expression of peace and quiet.

 2.      Lite pattern

Have you ever heard of the 9-lite pattern? This pattern or the colonial grid is the most liked pattern for double-hung pattern windows. The colonial grid is the most recognizable for the double-hung window. It will create an image of a focal wall and they still offer the same feature of circulating for the airflow.

 3.      Bring in the best of everything.

Though, it doesn’t need a lot of grid patterns, this double hung window pattern can be styled by bringing the best out of everything. If there are tall windows, then the single hung window can be reached to those expectations. You can bring in some technology by incorporating some locking hardware. Apart from that, you can create double hung windows as easy to access windows.

 4.      Open viewing

When you are having a divided lite pattern in the double hung window, then you need to keep the white frames thin and sleek. When these grids are placed properly, they give that modern impression that the window wall. By doing this, you will not even lose the classic touch this window style will bring.

 5.      Contrast always works!

Be it any designing, contrast always works. Hence, the wallpaper you choose or the framing can be in the contrast color. This kind of gives a whimsy look but overall this is a great idea. Hence, you can choose the classic choice for contrasting that is black against white. There are no proper rules when it comes to the designing of the white double hung tools. But when you mix the white with black, it can create some sensation. Hence, you can give these windows a new life.


You can go for different styling techniques according to the design elements. Apart from that, if your house is begging for a change, then start from the double hung windows. Do not limit your options and try finding out some new stuff and ideas all the time. Play with the factors like the scale, color palette and the accessories that can make this traditional type of windows classic and beautiful in your home.

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