6 Effective Bathroom Cleaning Tips for Homeowners

Maintaining good bathroom health helps protect your family from diseases. According to Accredited Home Care, microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, and pathogens can live on bathroom surfaces for up to a week or more. Aside from keeping your family bathroom functional and in style, ensuring the cleanliness of the space must also come as a top priority. Here are the top 6 effective bathroom cleaning tips every homeowner should know. 

Organize bathroom essentials.

The proper organization plays a significant role in maintaining cleanliness in your bathroom. Having items scattered on the floor, on the counter, or around the shower can cause falling or slipping hazards. The easiest way to organize your bathroom and avoid clutter is by adding cabinets or open shelves storage. You may separate bathroom essentials you use every day in a tray and place it on the counter for easy access.

Sweep, then mop the floor.

Experts say that the floor harbors more germs than any other area in the bathroom. To clean your bathroom floor, sweep the entire floor area to get rid of dust and hair. Next, mop the surface using your preferred cleaning solution. Then, leave to dry. If you are using rugs or mats in your bathroom, make sure to replace it weekly to prevent dirt buildup.

Scrub out the toilet. 

People spend a lot of time cleaning the toilet. That is why it’s cleaner than other bathroom surfaces. However, you can’t rely on a neat-looking bowl and must keep the toilet cleaning work consistent. Disinfect the toilet bowl by pouring bleach on it and scrub with a toilet brush. 

Dedicate a day for tile cleaning.

Mold growth and dirt buildup on bathroom tiles are a common occurrence, but you can help prevent it through deep tile cleaning. To maintain the beauty of your tiles, clean it regularly using a toothbrush and a cleaning solution. Of course, consistency is key to achieving better tile cleaning results. So, don’t forget to schedule deep tile cleaning once per week or as needed. 

Wash shower curtains regularly.

Professionals from Pro Housekeepers said that failure to wash shower curtains for several months will likely result in mildew growth that could cause health issues. To clean shower curtains, all you need to do is toss them in the washing machine filled with warm water and a couple of drops of detergent and white vinegar. After washing, hang it to air dry before putting back to use. 

Spray clean bathroom surfaces.

When cleaning the bathroom, make sure to also give focus on your sink, tap, and counter. These are among the top areas in your bathroom that attract bacteria like a magnet. Spray these areas with a bathroom cleaner. Let the solution sit for a few minutes before scrubbing the surface, then rinse with hot water and wipe dry. 

Hire a pro to maintain your bathroom plumbing

Keeping your bathroom plumbing well maintained is among your top responsibilities as a homeowner. Delaying the repair of faulty showers, clogged sinks, and toilets, and leaky pipes will cause further damage to your plumbing system. To promptly address bathroom plumbing issues, don’t hesitate to call a professional plumbing company near you. Book a service today!