7 Simple Ways to Elevate Your Outdoor Home Design

We Americans love nothing more than sprucing up our backyards. Heck, we spend a whopping 32 hours outside doing one manual job or another every month. Whether we’re weeding, planting, trimming, or mowing, we do our utmost to make our outdoor spaces look their best.

Sometimes, though, tending the lawn and deadheading the daisies doesn’t cut the mustard. You want to do something bigger and grander with your outdoor home design; to take the space to a whole new level of loveliness!

The tricky part is knowing exactly how to do it.

Are you looking to transform your home’s outdoor space but don’t know where to begin? Let us help. Keep reading for 7 simple ways to elevate your front and back yards. By the time you’re done, you’ll be the envy of your neighbors…

1. Edge Your Bets

There’s nothing worse than looking out at a tired and bedraggled lawn. Like waking up with bed hair, everything seems unkempt and untended.

That’s why edging can make such a difference outside. Quick and easy to do, you can transform the look of the lawn with minimal fuss. In less than an hour, you’ll create a well-defined space and enjoy an attractive new structure to your space.

Want to take it even further? Lay some bright white gravel between the lawn and whatever’s on the other side of it. Whether it’s a patio, a path, or a flower bed, you’ll end up with an elegant aesthetic that shows off your newly trimmed edges.

2. Go Plant Crazy

Some homeowners take the meaning of ‘pristine’ to a whole new level. Their lawns are manicured to the nth degree, with grass that seems to have been snipped by scissors and beds with not a weed in sight. It’s impressive to behold, but it often lacks personality too.

If you’re garden’s looking beautiful but bare, then think about adding in some more plants.

Don’t hold back either! Put more pots on the patio, new flowers in the beds, and play with different colors and arrangements; shapes, and sizes. You’ll end up with new layers and character that’s pleasing to the eye.

3. Hide Anything Ugly

Some yards contain items that are fundamentally unattractive. Think giant air conditioning units, broken fences that belong to the neighbors, and rotting stumps of old trees as a few examples.

In a bid to better your outdoor space, the first thing to try is taking such eyesores out. Alas, these kinds of eyesores are often fixed to the ground! If you can’t get rid of them, then the next best thing is to hide them.

You could install screens or grow flowers up well-positioned trellises. You could wrap materials and lights around them or place large plant pots in front of them. Whatever you end up doing, successfully occluding the blots in your backyard will deliver an instant improvement to its appeal.

4. Paint the Front Door

Never underestimate the importance of your front door when it comes to curb appeal. It’s all too easy to focus on your yard to the detriment of the house itself.

However, you’d be amazed at what a fresh coat of paint on the door can do.

What may have looked tired and outdated can turn into something altogether sleeker and more eye-catching. The best part? It’s super cheap and only takes a few minutes.

You could even change the house numbers while you’re at it. A lick of paint and a classy new number on the front will transform the outside of your house.

5. Replace or Renovate Old Furniture

You’re well-loved garden table and chairs have served you well over the years. But it might be time to get some new ones…

Trust us, you’ll be amazed at the difference it can make to the overall space. Buying a modern set of outdoor furnishings will bring a new lease of life to your yard. It’ll look and feel fresh, allowing you to sit outside in newfound style (not to mention comfort).

Don’t stop at the table and chairs though. Take a look at any other furniture you’ve got laying around outside. If they’ve seen better days, then consider replacing or renovating them too.

6. Light It Up

Adding some soft, ambient lighting to your front and back yards is another classic tactic to elevate outdoor spaces. Whether you hang fairy lights around the pagoda or place electric lanterns on the patio, you can’t help but enhance the aesthetic.

Having lights outside is practical too. For example, installing staked lights alongside your garden path will illuminate it in the dark and prevent any nasty falls.

You can make life easy for yourself by installing solar lights too. Battery-powered options are great, but you can’t beat the simplicity of lights that are powered by the sun. These clever devices store up energy during daytime hours and switch on automatically come the evenings.

7. Install a Flag Pole

Nothing says ‘I love my country’ better than a flag pole. You can fly the American flag with pride and demonstrate to your neighbors that you’re a true patriot. Grab yourself a flag pole kit and you can have it up in no time.

These additions are fun for the family too. With a flag pole out front, you can have some fun with your kids, flying pirate flags (and so on) to inspire games and their youthful imaginations.

Don’t Forget These Outdoor Home Design Ideas

People in America are house proud, conscious of curb appeal, and want their homes to be positive additions to the neighborhood. That’s why we go to such great lengths to tend our yards!

However, improving outdoor home design isn’t always easy. Our ambitions can exceed our expertise and sometimes we need some external support to bring them to fruition. With any luck, the tips in this post will help you do exactly that.

Keep them in mind and you should be a few steps closer to the home exterior you’ve been envisioning. Ready to read more articles like this one? Search ‘home’ on the website now.