Choosing Your Bridesmaid Dresses: A Never-Ending Undertaking

Choosing an outfit for all your bridesmaids, for your special day, is definitely a daunting task, to say the least. To add to our woes, there is an endless range of color options, silhouettes, styles and patterns to consider. 

It’s never so simple with different budgets, expectations, and preferences. While it is not your job to please every one of your bridesmaids, it is every girl’s dream to get the best pictures clicked with her squad.

The entire process does seem a bit too stressful, but don’t sweat it. We have put together a very simple, yet elegant guide to simplify your wedding bridesmaid dresses woes. 

Workaround a reasonable budget 

Before starting to think about the styles and colors, it is very important to set up a budget for the bridesmaid dresses. Yes, being a maid of honor is a big deal, but it’s not very wise to spend $250 on a dress that the bridesmaids wouldn’t wear again.

Money can be a sensitive issue for women out there, so it’s always better to talk and consult with your girl squad before taking the final call. Once there are broad ideas about how much the ladies wish to spend on their dresses, it is advisable to browse for some bridesmaid dresses online, to understand the price range before actually hitting the store. 

Hues and tones

Hues and tones

After a never-ending staring session at the color swatches and revising all the popular wedding colors in your head, it’s finally time to decide the best color palette based on your décor and liking. Though, we believe that every color has its own merits, here are a few things that might be useful for consideration before picking up the final shade. 

  • Season: Depending upon the season of the wedding, it is ideal to go for a safe tone. For instance, dark purple is not a good choice for a summer wedding and a floral print is not the best choice for a winter wedding
  • Venue and décor: Is the wedding taking place on a lawn? Or is it in the church? Based on the location and the vibe of the wedding, consider opting for the best suitable hue. Saying, “I do” on a beach? Definitely opt for a pastel pink matching the sand and contrasting the sky. 
  • Skin tones: Again, a very sensitive topic, but do pick up a color that suits most of the skin tones. Take advantage of choosing a color that flatters them all. We can lend you a pro tip though – Try creating an ombre effect with your dresses for a stunning wedding look! 

Flattering styles:

Chat with your girls and try to understand their best features. Not everyone is going to be okay with one style of the bridesmaid dress. One of your girls may have killer legs but would hate to show her tummy! It is important to consider plus-sized bridesmaid dresses to ensure that none of your bridesmaids feels uncomfortable in their own skin. 

plus-sized bridesmaid dresses

Last, but not the least, pick a bridesmaid dress that is going to remain trendy for years to come. You definitely don’t want to look back at your wedding photographs and cringe. We understand it is intimidating to make everyone happy, but you and your best friends will cherish this once-in-a-life experience forever. 

Exhale! We have got your back!