Complete Guide to Hemp Co2 Extraction

Before moving directly to the extraction of Hemp CO2, lets first understand what exactly hemp is? Hemp and marijuana are two different variables of the same plant, Cannabis. 

The concentration level of THC in Hemp is deficient when compared to Marijuana. A person won’t get high when consuming help. On the other hand, the percentage of CBD is high in Hemp when compared to Marijuana. 

Why Is Hemp Co2 Extraction Significant? 

CO2 extraction is one of the purest, safest, and cleanest ways to extract CBD oil. It is super popular for cannabis extraction because no solvent lefts behind while extraction and extract are more purified and cleaner.  

As CBD is gaining popularity, more hemp producers have started using CO2 to extract hemp oil. Hemp production is now legal in many states and becoming one of the mainstream businesses. 

As we know that the first Hemp CO2 extract of CBD is going to be consumed by animals and humans, it is significant to extract a cleaner, purer, and contaminant-free hemp from solvents.

The necessity to extract pure Hemp is because it is used in the treatment of multiple medical diseases such as- 

  1. Migraine 
  2. Noisia
  3. Inflammation
  4. Depression 
  5. Seizures
  6. Anxiety
  7. Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  8. Mental Disorders
  9. Psychological Disorders
  10. Pain

What is Hemp CO2 Extraction?

In CO2 extraction, pressurized Carbon dioxide (CO2) is used to extract help and CBD from the cannabis plant. When the right temperatures and pressure are applied, CO2 acts as a solvent for the extraction process. That’s the reason it is considered to be one of the best, effective, and safer extraction methods for Hemp CO2 extract

Therefore, it is an FDA-approved method and getting used in multiple industries like the supplement, food, and wellness. 

Why Hemp CO2 Extraction is Considered The Best Method?

YES! It is one of the best methods to obtain the extract. Below are some reasons – 

1. CO2 is Natural & Safe

CO2 is a natural substance as humans exhale it while breathing.CO2 is present in the air and hence everywhere around us. Multiple usages of CO2 include

  1. The packaging of food products
  2. Elimination of caffeine from the coffee
  3. To produce essential oils like hemp CO2 extract

One of the significant reasons to use CO2 in the above processes is that it is natural, safe, and non-toxic.

2. CO2 is sustainable

Not only CO2 is safe and natural but also sustainable. Apart from CO2, other solvents like propane and butane are also used for extractions. Source of propane and butane are petroleum and are unnatural. Because CO2 is 100% natural, it doesn’t harm the environment or contributes to phenomena like carbon emissions. 

3. CO2 is clean, pure and safe

CO2 extraction is one of the purest, safest, and cleanest ways to extract CBD. Even the residual solvents of the extraction process are not at all hazardous to human or animal health. 

It not only nullifies the possibility of the presence of petroleum-based byproducts in your hemp CO2 extract but also removes the danger of explosions. The percentage of the danger of explosions is high during petroleum extraction or when the extraction is done with butane. 

Type of Hemp CO2 Extraction

  1. Supercritical
  2. Subcritical
  3. Mid-critical

What is Supercritical Extraction?

Supercritical extraction is currently the best method to extract high-quality cannabinoids.

At average temperature and standard pressure, CO2 stays in the gaseous state. Although it’s easily possible to convert CO2 state from gas to solid (also known as dry ice), these solid and gas states are the two most common forms of CO2. 

It is also possible to convert CO2 into a liquid state. All you need to do is to increase the pressure and reduce the pressure down to -69 degrees Fahrenheit. 

After it converted to the liquid state if you will increase the pressure and temperature slowly, the fluid state will ultimately reach a supercritical point. It is a state that exists somewhere between gas and liquid. 

That is because it’s concentration level similar to liquid and yet it can be filled in a vessel like a gas. This supercritical CO2 is commonly used for the extraction of Hemp CO2 extract

What is Subcritical Extraction?

In subcritical extraction, low temperature and low pressure are used because of which it takes more time than of supercritical extraction. However, it also decreases the chances of damaging terpenes than supercritical extraction. 

What is Mid-critical Extraction?

In Mid-critical extraction, pressure and temperature kept between that of supercritical and subcritical extraction. 

Final Words

Though there are multiple methods, with which CBD can be extracted from cannabis, CO2 extraction is considered one of the best ways to extract Hemp and CBD. 

Apart from the fact that CO2 extraction provides high-quality hemp CO2 extract, it is also one of the purest, cleanest, and safest methods to do the process.