Do Microwaves Perform Well After Repair?

The generation that we live in today, our world today is surrounded by a number of electronic devices and appliances of different shapes, sizes, and utilities. Out of these electronic appliances, one which has claimed a permanent spot in our homes and offices, more specifically in our kitchens and pantries, is the microwave oven. 

Microwaves have today become an indispensable part of the cooking process itself. So much so, that it is almost impossible to certain kind of modern-day delicacies, without talking the services of a microwave oven. 

However, microwaves being electronic devices can break down anytime, seeking oven repair. Needless to say, the event of a microwave oven breaking down can bring the kitchen operations tona grinding halt, and the oven would have to be repaired immediately.

How to decide whether it would be better, in the long run, to spend on a new oven all together or a repair will be more economical? Do microwaves perform well after repair? What are the precautions that need to be taken post the repair of a microwave oven? 

These are some of the burning questions about oven repair that we will address in this post. Let’s go!

New Oven, or getting the old one repaired – How to decide?

Ovens are not generally counted amongst the ‘too expensive to buy’ electric appliances. However, they do an amount for substantial investment for most households. In such a scenario, whether to go for old microwave oven repair or to buy a new one in its place becomes a critical question. 

The right thing to do here will be to first access the extent of damage to the microwave oven and the section of the appliance that is causing the issue. In most of the cases, the cause behind the oven not working or working inefficiently is a small fault in one of the critical components of the oven. Most of these faults and components can be repaired very well with the help of expert technicians and that too, incurring little expenses. 

Therefore, it is advisable to opt for oven repair over buying a new oven altogether, unless one of the key components like the heating element needs to be replaced. 

Performance of Microwave after Repair

Nextly, it is important to understand how the oven repair affects the overall performance of the Microwave oven. In most of the cases, the oven would resume normal functioning after the repair work, serving you hot and crispy delicacies like before. However, some of the performance parameters of the microwave might be slightly affected. Those have been described below:

  • Power Consumption

Once the oven repair is done, the new components that have replaced the defective ones might not match with the rest of the components as good as expected. This may lead to the microwave consuming slightly more power than it was originally supposed to consume. However, this is something that seldom happens, and is not of much consequence. 

  • Heating Efficiency

The microwave oven’s heating efficiency may also get affected after the repair in some of the cases. This can be attributed to the fact that the repairs have impacted the inherent functioning of the appliance. 

  • Time Consumption

As a consequence of the reduced heating efficiency, the time that the oven takes to heat, cook or bake things may also be impacted in a slight way. Again, such a thing will happen in only a handful of the cases, and will be inconsequential to the overall functioning and performance of the microwave oven.

To prevent the above problems from arising, one needs to take special care of the microwave oven post its repair. This will not only help maintain the performance of the appliance but also ensure that the repair lasts longer and similar problems do not arise again.

Here are some points to note:

Post-repair usage and care of Microwave

  • Don’t use in back to back long durations

Using the appliance for long durations and cooking food in it back to back may fatigue certain components of the oven, which can lead to damage. Make sure that you use the microwave with small but regular intervals.

  • Place the oven in the correct position

The position that you have put the oven in can impact its performance and safety. Make sure that you place the oven on an even surface, away from direct heat or sunlight.

  • Do not use the oven in haste or roughly

Needless to say, the microwave must be handled with care especially after repair due to the fragile components and connections. Also, ensure that you keep it clean and get IT serviced as and when required. 


It is advisable to get a dysfunctioning microwave oven repaired. However, make sure to use it carefully and diligently post the oven repair.