How Can Integrated Pest Management Help?

Pests can be a significant threat to the food industry. They can spread diseases through a regular transfer of pathogens or cause widespread property and equipment damage. They eat into everything, and you watch helplessly. Everything comes at a cost, and if pests are not controlled in time, then there can be damage costing almost a fortune. Pests are known to contaminate food products and work stations. Besides, the company may also face the loss of credit if the news is leaked that the factory or office is infested with pests. The worst scenario can be prosecution and closure by the legal authorities of the State. Integrated Pest Management focuses on keeping pests away from the food facility. 

  • Inspection: Inspection is the first step because no action is possible without a detailed inspection of the facility. Every place where food is stored has to be checked. This includes both packaged and unpackaged food items. Some examples are the break room for the employees and other areas where food is prone to spilling. All the entry and exit points must be checked and made secure. Storage is a vital task, and the rooms must be inspected before new installments in kept in. Last but not least, definitely pay attention to find out if your property has a history of fest infestation.  
  • Preventive Action: The structural maintenance of your property is essential. Every potential entry point of the pests should be sealed. Sanitation is vital in pest control. You must keep the property clean and dry at all times. Water should not be allowed to stagnate. Production and storage areas must be prevented to save the company in the long run. More pest control options should be explored to ensure that the conducive pest location is kept safe. Pests can come from anywhere, so all-round prevention should be the goal.
  • Monitoring and Documentation: The final step is monitoring and documentation. Every step taken in the inspection and preventive action should be recorded. This helps to change the course of action in case of relapse immediately. Recurring pest infections should be monitored even more closely so that it can be understood that where is the procedure going wrong. Documentation helps to maintain a proper budget and get back to it for future references. 

Whenever any Integrated Pest Management program is selected for your facility, it must be ensured that it is customized to meet your needs. Not every pest infestation is the same. You must consider the type of pest, the environment, your location, and the reason behind the infestation. Only then, long-term action can be taken. The nature of your business influences the idea of why pests are coming to your facility. However, the steps mentioned above can get you rid of pests. Pests are inherently attracted to food. This is why the food industry has to face this problem time and again throughout the world. Pest control is imperative and should be made done regularly to keep a close eye on any intruder. 

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