As accepted by most, pg accommodations are preferred more than the hostel as the former is more sophisticated. Pgs are well established these days and it is almost there in all places. The pgs are available separately for both men and women. In big cities and prime areas, unisex pgs are also available. Baes on your location, preference and cost the quality of pgs vary.

But there are few things that you need to fix before even you start looking for the paying guest accommodations. 

  1. You must fix upon the location where you want to look for a pg. In case if you don’t find desirable pg in that area, you also need to think of a backup area where you can look for pgs. 
  2. The next thing that you must fix up is the budget. The budget and the facilities also vary from locality to locality. For example, pg in adyar, might have more facilities and options than those found in outer Chennai.
  3. You can always look up o n the internet for pg as there are more options available online fix up on a few pgs which you might like and falls under the category.
  4. Once you are done filtering the pgs, it is always advisable to visit them in person as there are possibilities of a discrepancy between the pictures given online and the original.
  5. Before narrowing it down and fixing upon one pg, you need to decide if it is worth the money you are paying. There are few things that you need to check with the owners and some of them are.
  • Facilities- Make sure that basic facilities like tv, geyser, and fridge are provided by the Pg within the rent itself so that you don’t have to spend extra money. Few pgs also provide wi-fi for free. 
  • Dhobi- Check if the dhobi facility or washing machine is available or you have to pay extra to avail those facilities.
  • Food- Few pgs come with food three times a day while some working women/men pgs only provide for two times (Morning and Night). 
  •  Maintenance- Also ask if there are people to clean your rooms and bathrooms on a regular basis or if you must clean it by yourself.
  • Caution Deposit- Ask in detail about how much deposit you have to pay and what is the proper time you should inform them before you leave decide to the pg.
  1. Check the distance of pg from public transport. For example, in Chennai the best pg in adyar should be accessible through public transport, should have medical and ATM facilities in case of emergencies. 
  2. Before confirming the pg, talk to someone from the hostel and ask if whatever the owner said matches with the comment. It doesn’t hurt to have multiple reviews from people who live there.

Your pg going to give you a home-like feel for the next few months that you are going to spend there, so make your, you have found the right place based on your preference.

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