How to Setup and Use TheOneSpy Parental Controls

TheOneSpy Parental Controls

TheOneSpy is a high-tech monitoring solution that is particularly intended for parents for the supervision of android devices of children. The app allows tracking and operating a smartphone without physical access. It offers a wide range of powerful features enabling users to sneak into the mobile phone devices of their children to supervise their online and offline activities. Read on to know how you can use TheOneSpy parental controls to supervise and manage your kid’s access to android phones and tablets.

How to Setup TheOneSpy Parental Controls?

To get the parental control app for android mobile phones TheOneSpy, you need to subscribe to the app. Visit the official website of TheOneSpy and subscribe the required package plan for a certain time period. Download and install the app on your kid’s phone following the user-friendly installation method. You can take help from video tutorials available on the website or talk to customer care for any assistance. create digital signature to track your phone.

After successful installation, the app gets access to the phone data and uploads it to the online portal of the spy app. You can log into the online spy portal to access synced data and to send commands to your kid’s phone. You can also take the support of TOS navigator app to control your kid’s phone through your personal mobile device. Download the navigator app from Google App Store and start tracking the targeted device without repeated logins to online portal.

How to Use Parental Control App?

If you have installed your phone with the navigator app, there is a simple method to track the targeted device. The app acts as a control panel and allows controlling the targeted device with ease. Read on to know how you can use different features of the parental control software.

Track Social Media

The cell phone monitoring app lets you supervise the social media activities of your children. You can track Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Skype, Line, IMO, Tinder, Kik and many commonly used social messengers to oversee your kid’s social media messages, audio calls, video calls, photos, videos and more.

Capture Phone Screen

The Android surveillance app allows capturing the phone screen without having the device. You can send a command through the navigator app to the targeted device to start screen recording. It lets you know what your kids are doing on their monitored devices in real-time. You can also take screenshots to capture phone activities with a specific interval. 

Remote Control Camera

The app allows the operating front and back cameras of the monitored phone. You can turn on these cameras and see what is happening in the surroundings. The parental control app also allows for capturing the surrounding event by taking photos or making videos. Your kids won’t get any clue that their phone camera is on and media is being captured. The photos and videos made by the spy app get automatically uploaded to the platform of the spy app. 

Remote Control MIC

The app allows the operating microphone of your kid’s device to listen to their talks. You can listen to the conversations of your kid for as long as you want by sending multiple commands for voice recording. 

SMS Tracker

The messages exchanged by your children can be accessed from the web portal or navigator app. It includes text messages and multimedia messages received and sent.  

Call Recorder

The incoming and outgoing phone calls of your kids get recorded by the parental control app. You can listen to these recorded calls and have contact numbers of callers and recipients on your phone through the TOS navigator app.

Manage Phonebook

The contacts stored on your kid’s phone can be seen and managed without having access to their android phones. The app allows adding new contacts and removing unwanted contacts as well.

Remote Control Apps

The app installed on your kid’s phone can be controlled with surveillance software. You can restrict access to age-inappropriate social media and gaming apps by blocking or uninstalling them. 

Get Browsing History

The internet use of teens and tweens can be supervised with the surveillance software. You can access the internet browsing history of their phone and see bookmarks.

Access Passwords

The credentials of the online accounts operated on the targeted Android device can be retrieved with the help of a parental control app. You can also identify the pin code and pattern lock to unlock the device. 

There is more you can do using the cell phone parental control app of TheOneSpy. You can know more about this monitoring solution 

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