I Am Batman! How to Become a Comic Book Writer

Did you know that Iron Man was created as a challenge by Stan Lee? He wanted to create a hero who is unlikable and that people would wind up liking. 

Do you have dreams of becoming a comic book writer, but aren’t sure where to begin? In this article, dive into how to become a comic book writer. You never know if you’ll be the next Stan Lee! Read on to discover all about becoming this dream role for many. 

Skills Necessary To Become a Comic Book Writer

When you’re wondering, how do I become a comic book writer, there are certain skills you’ll need to have. First, you need to make sure that your grammar is strong. Whether you’re a blogger or comic book writer, people will want to read content that’s grammar-friendly. 

You’ll also need to ensure that you’re someone who others can count on to meet deadlines. If you’re someone who barely makes deadlines and waits to do work, this career might not be right for you. Leave yourself plenty of time to finish up your work in case revisions are necessary. 

As you write, you need to imagine what the different comic panels will look like. While you might not be the artist, you’ll need to keep it in mind as you write. 

Start Writing

Practice makes perfect, and if you’re serious about writing, you’ll want to begin practicing. A comic book career might be hard to break into, but you can begin your own comic book writing, and hire an artist for your work. 

Consider starting a website that people can visit and purchase your comic books. Make sure that your work is always plagiarism free as well. There are different platforms out there that you can use to make your own comic


Any writer will tell you that reading is important. Reading will help inspire you as you come up with ideas for your characters.

It’ll also help to keep your grammar on point. Consider reading other comic strips for inspiration. 

Getting Noticed

When you’re becoming a comic book writer, you’ll first need to get noticed. First, you’ll want to expand your network and produce content. Start creating snippets of work and place it into your portfolio. 

Next, have your portfolio on your website for others to check out. Join different writing communities online that’ll allow you to share your different work with them. 

If you like comic book conventions, that’s a great place to network and get your name out there. You can speak with other writers and artists, and obtain their contact information. Consider collaborating with other artists and writers in the profession. 

Exploring How To Become a Comic Book Writer

Now that you’ve explored how to become a comic book writer, you should be well prepared to break into print quicker. Would you like to read more comic book content? For everything from tech to lifestyle, check out our other articles today.