Innovation And Rewards: The Easy Way To Motivate Your Employees

Humans have always worked at their best capacity when motivated. As an astute leader, the mantle falls on you to bring out the best in your workforce, and thus, we are implying that it is upon you to keep your people motivated.

Did you know that 78% of employees feel their bosses don’t appreciate their work or talents, and thus, they end up looking for better opportunities? That’s a clear majority of the workforce uniting to say they don’t feel rewarded enough. So, to help leaders devise better strategies to keep their employees loyal and happy, we have compiled a list of motivating gestures and rewards. Read on:

1) Regular promotions: 

Older companies stick to the model of annual promotions, wherein an employee is reviewed and appraised with a hike in their salary and job role. However, organizations seem to be irregular with promotions, often delaying them to the second quarter of the financial year sometimes.

What sets an innovative leader apart is his promptness in acknowledging and rewarding a good effort. Thus, most startups don’t quite agree with this age-old method of reviews. They are making promotions a quarterly task. The raise may be smaller than the annual raise model followed by most organizations.  However, regular reviews and appraisals yield employee satisfaction and make them feel truly heard.

2) Medical perks: 

With medical bills rocketing sky-high, most organizations now have a perk of medical insurance coverage for their employees. You could further extend the benefits of health insurance to the families of the better-performing candidate. 

You could also give them add-ons and top-ups on the pre-existing health insurance plan to further secure their and their family’s health. This reward not only helps an employee feel appreciated but also wins their loyalty, as it’s rare to find organizations caring so deeply about their workforce.

3) Recreational perks: 

How about a day at the spa? Or to the best-performing ones, you could even gift a fully paid vacation! You should plan a break for the most hard-working employees, and give them the time to rejuvenate. You could also have reward categories – best dressed, best ideator, most punctual, most helpful, etc. 

This way, you would get to acknowledge most of your team. The rewards could be gift hampers or shopping vouchers, which can be easily obtained via exciting online services such as GRS Global Gift Cards.

4) Trust them: 

One of the best rewards for an ambitious young talent could e to give them a role they have always wanted. It may not sound like a good idea, considering each job requires different qualifications, skill sets, etc. however, if their heart is set upon it, they would put their best into it, and that rarely goes wrong! Even if it does, your employees would feel acknowledged on a personal front, and you would become the leader who nurtures people. A total win-win! by giving myntra lucky draw ticket.

5) Tell them: 

Most organizations appraise their employees. They give out health perks, recreational perks, and yet the wide unsatisfactory response from their employees! The reason being: No communication from the leaders! 

The best way to acknowledge someone is to speak volumes for them…literally! Publicly address the strengths of each individual, and make it a point to leave no one behind on this appreciation spree. Never be shy of dropping in heartfelt “Thank You” notes. Gratitude, a key factor in developing happiness, can bring you closer to your employees.

6) Ask them: 

One way to show you value someone is to value their opinion. Contrary to the older hierarchy, innovative leaders treat their colleagues as equals, and thus, encourage regular feedback on the new strategies and methods to deliver better.

The above tips should help you keep your workforce close and encouraged. Have a fun time planning out rewards!

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