Know-How to build a brand?

If there’s one thing that single-handedly can take your business from a shop around the corner to the multinational online utility provider is your brand. A good brand reputation will take your sales from zero to thousands in no time at all. The only thing you need to do is understand the role of branding in your business and make your company into a brand for the world. 

Feeling ambitious one minute, and anxious next? That’s what happens when someone knows about branding, they feel empowered about their business, but also worry about how to make it happen. That’s where we come up, go through the handbook for building your brand

What exactly is a brand?

For most people, a brand consists of just the name and the logo, when really a brand is much more than these two. A brand is how exceptionally you serve your customers and how well they react to it. 

The reputation which motivates a buyer to go for your product when there are many generic products in the market is the brand of your company. 

In a nutshell, a brand is something that makes any product or service from another company null and void. 

This much importance from clients gives a rocketing boost to the company’s sale making it a money-making machine. 

The first step of branding: Your Brand Name. 

The first-ever step that you will take in the direction of branding will be choosing a name for your company or startup that is brandable. 

To have an exceptionally good branding impression, you should always choose an equally good brand name to start with. 

A good brand name has the following traits:

  • It’s short and concise. 
  • SEO is easy to perform with the name.
  • Its spelling is what it sounds like. No complicated spellings. 
  • It has a message. 
  • It is legally available for you to own. 

Wow…that’s a long list, and actually super tough to follow. If you don’t want to go through the tiring task of naming, you can always use some help from online company name generator tools. These tools know which name will suit your company best and will make it into a brand. 

How to build your brand? 

  • Decide on your set of audience. 

Before you think about branding, you need to shrink and categorize the audience and then choose your target category. 

Having a particular target audience makes branding easy and hassle-free. 

You can categorically choose the audience based on:

  • Age – kids, teens, young adults, people aged 20 to 40, people nearing 50, and senior citizens. 
  • Gender – male or female. 
  • Location – from some particular country or countries. 
  • Education – for products that concern literacy like books, software, etc.
  • Income – in-budget products or premium and expensive products. 
  • Set up a brand mission. 

Tell people why you wake up every day and grind in the wee hours of the day. 

Your brand should have a motive and should state that’s why it exists. 

The right brand mission gives your client a positive image of your company. With a brand mission, you make sure that your customers feel important. 

Your logo, name, one-liners, tag lines, and any other marketing literature should clearly reflect your brand’s mission. 

  • Market research. 

Market research is also an integral part of branding. Analyze your niche market. 

See what your competitors are doing, and how the audience reacts to it. Learn from their mistakes and make sure you don’t make the same ones. Closely observe each and every branding step of the marketing mammoth of your niche.

Also, do not copy each and every step of your competitors, it will make you look like spam or copy-cat and will ruin your originality. 

  • Create a logo.

To virtually reflect your brand mission and brand names with concision, you have to create impressive logos. 

One easy way to make your company’s logo is to hire designers, preferably freelancers, to design it. 

Apart from your company logo, you should always have someone or yourself write a tagline for your company. 

A tandem of the tagline and the logo is a marketing boost for your company and will drive more audience to your platform. 

  • Choose your brand’s voice. 

Deciding upon your brand voice is important. A brand voice is a tone of advertisements, content, articles, marketing one-liners, and other marketing literature. 

When you stick to a particular brand voice, you connect with your customers at an emotional level which helps in increasing retention rate.

Different brands choose different brand voices that suit their marketing strategy. You should also choose the tone of your brand from :

  • Friendly 
  • Elderly
  • Advising
  • Educating
  • Fun-loving and chirpy
  • Sincere, etc. 

Congratulations…!! You made it to the end of the handbook. Now that you know everything to build your brand from scratch, why wait? Start building your brand today and drive a maximum organic audience to your online platform. Happy branding…!!