OneNote Benefits vs. Other Note Programs

Did you know that around 69% of high school students attend college immediately after graduating? 

New students are constantly searching for the best resources and apps to make their new college experience as smooth as possible. A great note-taking app is essential for any new student.

However, plenty of business professionals also benefit from polished note-taking software. So, which is the best software for professionals and students alike? Is Microsoft OneNote the only viable option?

We’re here to fill you in! Keep reading below to learn more about the OneNote benefits, as well as a few impressive alternatives!

The Biggest OneNote Benefits

OneNote comes bundled in newer versions of Microsoft 365, but the free version is available to download on just about any device, no matter the model.

As a Microsoft program, it stores your data through your OneDrive. You’ll have up to 5GB of storage with a free OneNote account. If you don’t use your OneDrive to store additional files, this should be more than enough.

The other perk of this OneDrive link is that it allows for easy syncing. You won’t have to worry about losing your note data, as free accounts allow for up to 500 synchs.

One of the biggest benefits of using OneNote is the audio/recording feature. This is a feature that many other note-taking systems lack, but it’s perfect for students. For example, you can easily incorporate lecture recordings into your class notes for easy access.

OneNote operates with a notebook-like layout. You can create sections, in which you can create as many pages as you’d like. OneNote also has a much more customizable tagging system, which can make organizing easier for some.

Lastly, one of the rarer OneNote benefits is that it makes content sharing and collaboration extremely simple. You’re able to share your notebook with anyone to view, even if they don’t have OneNote installed.

Advantages of Evernote

Evernote is available on virtually any device and through browsers.

One of the biggest strengths of Evernote is the ability to clip content from the web. While there are a few extensions that allow for web-clipping through OneNote, Evernote makes it much simpler and direct.

Another perk is that it makes it simple to search through uploaded images. That’s because when you upload images, Evernote will process the text in the image to make it searchable. This makes it ideal if you want to skip the transcription process of paper notes to digital. 

Highlights of Notion

One of the things some OneNote users struggle with is the learning curve. It can be difficult to navigate the software, which can make note-taking overwhelming.

Notion is a great alternative for those looking for a more user-friendly UI. It can be downloaded for Windows and Mac, as well as simply used through your browser. Notion is particularly useful for those who want to combine daily to-do lists and calendars into their note-taking application.

Notion is great for those who want a simple way to organize their thoughts and ideas. The platform makes creating custom templates easy, and users can access all of their pages through a sidebar.

Choosing the Best Organization Software

There are plenty of applications and platforms that allow for streamlined note-taking, whether it’s for business or school. Now that you know a little bit about OneNote benefits, as well as a few alternatives, you’ll be able to choose the best software for your own needs!

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