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WE-VIBE Chorus Vibrator for sets blue 

Incredible and profound vibrations Adjustable fit Feel the vibrations any place you need them USB battery charging Low force utilization marker Touch, your developments control vibrations Storage case included Compressible remote control that changes vibration at the opportune time Can be controlled with your cell phone The best association with AnkorLink innovation 

Kiki Butt Plug 

Size 9.5 by 3.5 cm Narrowed tip for agreeable inclusion and extraction; Ribbed surface for modifying entrance length; Convenient plug; Equipped with a battery-powered Vibro-shot (doesn’t require the utilization of batteries) Kiki butt plug with worked in vibromechanism is a snazzy, high-caliber and viable gadget for cutting edge clients. Stopper stature 9.5 centimeters, measurement – 3.5 centimeters. The decreased adaptable tip gives an agreeable addition, and the ribbed surface permits you to alter the infiltration profundity. A helpful plug guarantees safe use. Kiki butt plug adequately animates the butt-centric territory, giving extraordinary feelings. It will add sharpness to the sensations during vaginal sex because of the narrowing of the dividers of the vagina. It can likewise be utilized to plan for butt-centric sex. The Kiki plug is outfitted with a battery-powered vibrating shot, which wipes out the requirement for batteries. The material of assembling – hypoallergenic clinical silicone, not just totally sheltered 

RestArt Anal Vibrator Lexi, Balls 

An extraordinary herringbone shapes for an agreeable presentation; You can change the profundity of infiltration; Suitable for the two people; 9 diverse vibration modes; Management with remote control. We are happy to give you an item from a constrained assortment, which was imagined and created related to the well-known blogger Stranger. The more interesting, a free and fair master, for whom a positive reaction from the purchaser is significant, taken an interest in all phases of the formation of this assortment, from the choice of merchandise to the bundling structure. The arrangement was deliberately chosen and tried, all the results of the assortment are planned in a similar style, and their usefulness will fulfill even the most critical clients. One of the items right now Lexi vibratory balls. Vibro balls Lexi is an incredible gadget with which you can expand your sexual coexistence. The item serves to invigorate the erogenous zones of the butt-centric zone (both in ladies and in men). Additionally used to expand affectability. 

Clitoral trigger Jenna 

We are happy to present to your consideration an item from a restricted assortment – Jenna vibration screen. This assortment was designed and created related to the mainstream blogger – Stranger. The blogger, our free and unbiased master who thinks just about the positive criticism from the client took an interest at all phases of making this assortment, from item determination to bundling plan. The arrangement was deliberately chosen, the products from the assortment are structured in a similar style, the usefulness is at an elevated level. Jenna is the cutest thing right now. Vibroochka is more suggestive of a little ring than a sexual gadget. With it, you can all the more likely investigate your erogenous zones and offer joy to each edge of your body. Incredible for sex games two by two. • smaller size; • Mini massager for the entire body • Comfortable to hold (put on a finger like a ring) • Toy from a constrained release, created with the interest of a famous sex blogger; • Easy one-button activity. Weight: 0.134 kg. 

Kegel vibrator and test system, Magic Motion FUGU, red 

An oddity from Magic Motion in the imaginative Fugu fish shape. A vibrating egg with adaptable tail associates with the versatile application. The surface is secured with delicate silicone with hard dabs for additional incitement. The Vibro-egg is totally waterproof and furnished with attractive charging. Fugu is straightforward and helpful to utilize, and its little size permits you to work with it anyplace – during a meeting in the film, at the workplace and busy working, in the vehicle, outside. Ergonomic structure, full silicone covering, hypoallergenic. The application on iOS and Android is accessible on the App Store and Google Play. Good with iOS and ANDROID gadgets (Bluetooth 4.0 and OS adaptation 4.3 and later. iPhone 4S, 5, 5S/C, 6/6 Plus, iPad smaller than usual/scaled-down 2, iPad 3/4/Air,