Quick Facts About Skin Cancer That Everyone Should Know About

Sun cancer is not a real medical condition but skin cancer is. Sun cancer is just a play on words about the damaging effects that the sun can have on a person’s dermis. The information presented here will explain the myths and proven facts about sun exposure and skin cancer. Keep reading, to discover what they are. 

You should Fear the Sun and Never go Outside

This is one of the most damaging and untruthful myths about skin cancer. No human being alive is going to be able to escape the effects of UV light. The sun is so powerful that its energy is everywhere. Did you know that even in the nighttime darkness there is still some type of UV light present? Strange as that might sound the sun’s rays still impact the Earth in blackness. 

Remember the moon is lit up by the sun and some UV light gets absorbed into the Earth as well. We can never escape the sun. It is also a myth to believe that the sun will automatically give us skin cancer just because we’re exposed to it. Don’t fear the sun but don’t take it for granted either. 

Skin Cancer will Automatically End in Death 

Most forms of skin cancer are not going to kill people. I repeat, most forms of skin cancer will not take your life. However, if you have melanoma which is the most aggressive form of this condition, then your chances of death significantly improve. However, the average skin cancer patient develops a benign version of this disease. In other words, they might have a tumor but the tumor doesn’t spread and/or kill them. 

The Skin Cancer Foundation expects that 7,230 people will die of melanoma in 2019. Keep in mind that 192,310 cases of melanoma will be recorded in 2019 as well. This means that a person with melanoma will have a 4% chance of dying from this disease after being diagnosed. 

Don’t forget that millions of people are able to beat cancer every year. Cancer is no laughing matter but it’s not an automatic death sentence either. You can get more info here to see what professionals have to say about this disease.

More Young People are Being Impacted by Skin Cancer 

The cases of skin cancer are increasing among young people. In the past, skin cancer predominantly impacted older generations. Many people believe the ozone has changed things on Earth by allowing more UV light onto the surface. 

No one is for sure. However, the fact remains is that young people between the ages of 15 – 29 have shown an increase in various types of skin cancers including melanoma. Young people are encouraged to watch their tanning habits and how much time they should spend out in the sun.

There are Only 3 Major Types of Skin Cancer 

Basal cell carcinoma (BBC), squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) and melanoma are the 3 types of skin cancers. Melanoma is the most dangerous form and it should be dealt with quickly to improve a person’s chances of survival rate. 

UV Light Damage won’t give you Cancer in a Day 

The UV light will not give you skin cancer in a day. Skin cancer happens over a period of years. Prolonged exposure to the sun is why it happens. This normally takes years to develop. You can go out in the sun and have fun without fear of getting skin cancer. Once again, just limit your exposure over time. 

Darker Toned People can also Develop Skin Cancer 

Sun cancer doesn’t just happen to or light-skinned people. It can also happen to dark-skinned people as well. Though cases of skin cancer are lower for people with darker skin that does not mean it can’t happen at all. Darker toned people should also wear sunscreen and stay out of the sun as much as possible. 

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