Stay Up to Date with the Worldwide Localization Market

As markets around the world grow and mature, they become more complex. It becomes harder to stay current on developing trends and growth directions of the individual market. But by partnering with an agency that is a large enough player in the localization market, you can free yourself from worrying about keeping up with the trends of far-flung markets around the globe.  

The global localization market contains many agencies, both large and small. But if your organization is active in many regions and markets around the world, you need to partner with an agency large enough to offer their services in every market. This includes regions that you are currently just exploring the feasibility of entering.  

The ability of an agency to be big enough, but also cohesive enough to offer a consistent message about a client across all the markets they are in is one the most crucial aspects of localization. 

Difference Between Translation and Localization

Maybe you’ve yet to expand your organization beyond your local borders but are currently considering the idea. If so, having a clear idea of just what separates translation from localization is important in understanding how vital localization can be to an organization’s image and reputation. 

Simply put, translation is just a tool used in the practice of localization. It is a facet of the complete localization process. An agency active in a region’s localization market offers services to a foreign organization wishing to begin operating in the area. The agency provides translation services. But these services may come with the need to make the foreign organization’s message, products and services acceptable and desirable to the local market. 

Localization is the craft of translating an organization’s image and products into something that is culturally acceptable in the target market. It may involve starting a new type of marketing and advertising campaign. It may include re-writing message content to suit the new market. Localization is part translation, part cultural anthropology and part marketing. It is knowing how to say what an organization wants to say in a way that is culturally appropriate to the region. 

Value of the Localization Market

For multinational companies seeking to increase their market share in many different countries at the same time, the value of a large localization agency in this process is priceless. By partnering with an agency that is active in all the same regions as your organization, you are assured of a cohesive message across all areas. They can also monitor trends across your active markets and react them individually in a manner that displays both cultural awareness and adherence to your organization’s basic image and message. 

With globalization a prized aspect of a successful business these days, the localization market is more important than ever in helping organizations make sense of foreign markets and manage their operations. From legal issues to marketing and diplomacy, the abilities of a large, quality localization agency go far beyond furnishing translation services. 

If you are considering taking your organization global, the first thing you should do before the big event is to partner with a localization agency that is active in the same markets you are targeting. This is one of the best ways to help your chances of success in your organization’s new direction.