Teen Vaping: What You Need to Know

The phenomenon of smoking a traditional cigarette is an old obsession. Today the teens are more inclined to vapor rather than smoke. For this reason, they use e-cigarettes over regular ones. 

E-Cigarette and Vaping

Vaping is the process of inhaling a vapor generated from an electronic cigarette or any other vaping machine. It is quite popular among teenagers, and many of them think an electronic cigarette is not dangerous to health like paper-rolled cigarettes. They believe using an e-cigarette is entirely safe, and there is no health risk. Vaping is altogether new, and many of you are ignorant of its effects and consequences.

On the other hand, an e-cigarette is a battery-operated smoking device which houses cartridges with a blend of nicotine, flavours, and chemical in liquid form. These liquid get heated into a vapor which the teenagers inhale. 

Vaping is highly problematic for teenagers due to the addictiveness. For this reason, the effect of vaping and e-cigarette is at the terrifying state. 

What you need to know about Vaping

  • Vaping uses nicotine, chemical, flavours and in many cases marijuana
  • A vape pen comes with different colours, shapes, and sizes to furnish the requirement of users. It can be as a pen, a flash drive, even as an eraser.
  • Many of the vaping devices come with an option of charging via USB through a computer or laptop port.
  • The liquid inside the vaping device produces vapor through heat, which the users usually inhale. It does not have any smell and quite challenging to detect due to its shape and size. 
  • Most popular vaping brands come with vape pods, vaporizer and a container that houses liquid nicotine and other chemicals. 
  • Vaping is highly addictive as it produces twice the amount of nicotine as compared to a traditional cigarette. 

The side effect of Vaping

Vaping is indeed entirely new, and for now, accessing its consequences is somehow tricky. Still, there are some after-effects of vaping which you should know to protect your youngsters.

Dental and Gum Disease

According to dentists vaping increases cavities and receding gums with continuous use, and it also leads to tooth loss. For oral health, vaping is more dangerous than paper-rolled cigarettes. 

Throat Damage

Vaping also causes oral and throat sores and bleeding due to the presence of cancer-causing elements. The curing process of such diseases is also quite slow due to the negative effect of vaping.

Vaper’s Cough

It is also known as chronic bronchitis, or you can say smoker’s cough. Teenagers prone to vaping are likely to get affected by such diseases. They will undergo heavy cough with mucus, chest tightness and shortness of breath from time to time. 

Popcorn Lung

It has been confirmed that using e-cigarettes and vaping causes popcorn lung. It is a rare condition which causes damage to your lung’s smallest airways. It will also make you cough heavily and feel a shortage of breath. 

While inhaling an e-cigarette, the diacetyl causes popcorn lung or bronchiolitis obliterans in which the diacetyl thickens your airways. The crucial thing is as of now, there is no verified cure for popcorn lung, and it is genuinely a life-threating disease.

Cancer and Heart Disease

Teenagers with vaping and smoking e-cigarette enhance the risk of developing heart disease, lung cancer, as well as affect their bladder. 

Brain Damage    

Due to the presence of nicotine in the e-cigarettes and vape pods, it can hamper your brain development. It also changes the mood continuously, and that leads to various health problems. Nicotine is highly dangerous and addictive and hinders the brain in a significant way.


It is utterly wrong that using e-cigarette is entirely safe, and it is not a healthy replacement of paper-rolled cigarette. These users are more likely to incline to smoke a traditional cigarette.  

How to Know your Child is inclined to Vaping 

  • Not in a mood to discuss or spending more time with family and addicted to lonesome 
  • Frequent mood change and irritation on most of the things due to the influence of nicotine 
  • Increasing the water intake and frequent peeing is the cause of vaping as it dehydrates mouth and throat. 
  • If using more salt in the diet and like to eat spicy cuisines 
  • Bleeding due to the dryness of nose skin 

Final Words 

Teens and youngsters indeed tend to think about the current situation only. They do not like to deem the future and the consequences of vaping in the coming future.  

They are more intent to enjoy the vapor rather than maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Hence every youngster should be guarded by their peer or family members.

 They have to teach them its long-term effects and the diseases in the card in the coming future. Save your teenagers from this addiction and offer them a hale and hearty lifestyle.

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