Top 5 Must Visit Trekking Destinations

Adventure travelling is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing outdoor activities in India. Reports suggest a 42% growth in the number of travellers, especially in the high altitude regions, with an 18% hike in the number of solo travellers across the nation. 

Out of all outdoor activities, trekking has become one of the most sought after and common modes of travelling. With beautiful and brilliant mountain ranges across both the northern and southern part of the country, India has presented herself as a hub for both beginners and professional trekkers.

Listed below are some of the best trekking destinations in the country.

1. The Zanskar river

The frozen Zanskar river trek presents an excellent opportunity to experience the culture of Leh and Ladakh. At a maximum altitude of 3390 metres, this trek is classified as an intermediate level trek. However, embarking on such a journey requires thorough preparation. Trekkers must go through extensive physical tests to ensure they are capable of withstanding the harshness of the terrain. 

However, when engaging in this exciting activity, you must take special care to ensure safety as well. A trekking insurance is handy in this regard. Such insurance policies offer a means of assistance during emergency situations. Bajaj Finserv provides Trek Cover under its Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions which provides ample assistance in case of an accident during the journey.

2. Markha Valley – Ladakh trek

Another popular trek location in Ladakh is Markha Valley. However, the experience is completely different from the frozen landscape of the Zanskar river trek. During your Markha Valley hike, you will pass through small villages, dry mountains, and expansive fields of barley, wheat and mustard.

At 5150 metres, the increased altitude can cause severe breathing issues for some. Adequate preparation is necessary as there will not be any external support available during the trek.

3. Trek from Gangotri to Gomukh

Moving to the magnetic Himalayan range in Uttarakhand, the trek from Gangotri to Gomukh is particularly challenging, especially due to the duration of the trek. Lasting 12 days, the continued stress on one’s body essentially limits this range only for professional trekkers. Moreover, such situations also necessitate the need for a hiking travel insurance scheme that can provide considerable financial assistance if you suffer from a sudden illness during the trek.

You should also look into winter trek cover policies when choosing the best plan to safeguard you during the hike.

4. Nanda Devi Trek

Nanda Devi is the highest mountain at Garhwal region, standing at more than 7800 metres high. While the trek does not involve climbing this peak, hikers still need to climb up to 4150 metres. You will traverse through small rivers, glaciers, and much special flora and fauna of the region during the trek. 

The 10-day long trek is suitable in two distinct periods of the year, namely, between May and June, and September and October. 

5. Goecha La Trek

One of the most dangerous and challenging treks in India is located in Sikkim. However, the Goecha La trek is just as beautiful as it is tough. You need to hike to almost 5000 metres, making altitude sickness a big problem for many trekkers. A trekking insurance plan is essential for this trip, as the dangers are greater compared to other treks in India.

Those travelling alone may also look into Solo Travel Insurance provided by Bajaj Finserv.

While availing travel insurance is essential, safeguarding yourself during a trek is even more vital. This is because trekking poses a greater risk for you. You can suffer from accidents, injuries or may even get stranded. A backup plan is, therefore, always useful in such cases.