Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Beachfront Condo for Sale in Pattaya

Looking for some good reasons to purchase a beachfront condo for sale in Pattaya? If you need some inspiration, we are here to provide you with five fantastic ones. From the joy of being a homeowner to knowing you have a cash-generating asset up your sleeve, there are lots of solid reasons out there. Jumping into the property market can be scary, especially in a foreign country, but let us help you put your fears to bed with this article highlighting five great reasons to purchase a condominium in the Land of Smiles.

1] Become a homeowner

Of course, at times, there is just no way around it, you need to rent. Perhaps your stay is short or you just don’t have the necessary funds to purchase something. But if the gods are smiling on you, we understand the appeal of owning some bricks and mortar to call your own. There is no worse feeling than handing over a rent check at the end of every month. To sleep in a place that is all your own is a great feeling, it sure beats temporarily living in someone else’s abode.

 2] Extra income stream

If you only plan to live in Thailand part-time or intend to take frequent holidays abroad or trips home, you might want to consider buying a property, as then you’ll have something to generate income while you’re away. Nowadays, more and more travelers, especially those with special needs (i.e., families and online workers), are forgoing the traditional hotel room for more spacious accommodation. Condos are easy to rent to this niche as they love the space and convenience of a fully equipped home.

3] Enjoy full privacy

One of the areas where the differences between Thai and Western culture is most prevalent is in the arena of privacy. Like most Asian people, Thais are very communal. They are used to living in shared accommodation alongside several generations of the same family. This concept is far removed from the West, wherein most people move out of home at or around 18 years of age. If privacy is something you crave, your own pad will give you the space and seclusion you desire. 

4] Avoid wasted rent

As mentioned earlier, one thing that eventually forces most people onto the property ladder is the desire to avoid paying rent. Even though rent in Thailand is relatively cheap, it’s still a drag to fatten your landlord’s wallet month after month. You’ll also have full control over the cost of water and electricity, not paying over the odds (some landlords double or triple the standard rate) for government-controlled services. 

5] Personalise your property

One very annoying thing about renting is that you can never make any changes. Often even putting in a nail to hang some art is now allowed. And forget about remodeling the kitchen or decorating the balcony. With a rental property, you are stuck living with the style and choices of the owner. Once you own a property, it is a whole different story! You will be able to decorate and personalize the interior and exterior to your heart’s content. 

We hope this brief article has convinced you that buying a beachfront condo for sale in Pattaya is a great idea. We hope to see you beachside in Pattaya soon!