Ways to preserve a wedding dress in Storage:

Majority of the brides spend thousands of rupees on their wedding dress and these are the most expensive of all the articles that they would have purchased. But the wedding dresses are also one of the most tangible items to save from the special day. After spending a large volume of money and a considerable amount of time on the perfect wedding dress, it is important to store and preserve it appropriately after the big day.  

Wedding dresses do demand considerable storage and preservation, owing to the memories it holds and the chances of it getting passed on as a family property.

Preserving the wedding dress in storage:

As a bride, if you have made it through the big day without any real damage, then there is a good deal of chances that the dress is not heading directly to the cleaners after the reception. To keep it safe after the wedding, 

Use a garment bag

Wrapping the dress after the event in a plastic sheet tends to trap more moisture which encourages the growth of mold and mildew. Also, plastic is capable of emitting fumes that can alter the color of the gown to slight yellow. Especially, use wedding gown preservation kit for wedding gown and dresses.  Therefore, the best idea is to store the wedding dress in the garment bag away from direct light.

Hang the dress properly or lay it flat: 

the best way to store the dress after the wedding is to hang it appropriately or to lay it as flat as possible. If there is a plan to hang the dress, then hang it with the help of loops that are located inside. Do not make use of the shoulder straps to avoid stretching and sagging at the seams. Every single bridal dress in special and unique, thus it is better to ask the boutique on storage instructions of the bridal dress.

Do not attempt to clean the dress by self: 

The bridal dress is not devoid of stains after the big fat celebration. But cleaning the gown by self can be a seriously tricky process. Even a single wrong move can set the stain and make it, even more, worse on the gown. Sometimes, the best course of action is to leave the spot on the dress before it can be treated professionally. In the short term, before contacting or taking consultation with the cleaning professionals, one intelligent move will be to cover the gown in white cotton sheets. This helps in saving the dress from light, dust and other predators. 

How long can the wedding dress be stored before it is sent for cleaning?

The parents of the maid or the maid of honor can take care of the cleaning process or preserve the wedding dress. It not, it should be the priority after returning from the honeymoon- experts say. 

Most of the brides are overwhelmed in repacking the wedding gifts, but what is more important than that is the preservation of the wedding gown. Experts recommend that the bride should start the bridal gown cleaning process within 6 months of the big day. The dress has to be cleaned professionally. And most importantly if the dress is of silk, then the wait time should be nil.  

Some of the stains can initially be unseen but they have the capability to grow and develop over time, such as spills from clear beverages like soda or alcohol. These liquids will dry clear but over time during storage will oxidize and discolor into brown colors. Also, the body perspiration on the lining of the dress can also discolor the dress and also get it brittle over time. 

Professional wedding dress preservation:

Professional preservationist will help in removing the stains, make the needed repairs, steam press the dress and wrap it in acid-free tissue before storing it. There are three types of preservation techniques,

  • Sealing:

Some of the professional preservers prefer to vacuum seal the wedding dress before storing it in an acid-free box. But some of the museum conservators discourage the method as sealing promotes the growth of mold and mildew and renders the fabric permanent creases. It also eliminates the ability of the owner to inspect it frequently.

  • Boxing: 

The dress is folded and placed in an acid-free box with acid free tissues of white color. The fabric is able to breathe and the owner can inspect the dress periodically before refolding it.

  • Bagging:

This option allows the dress to be hanging without being folded. The gown gets reinforced with twill tape to eliminate long term damage and to support it. The gown is then placed in a special cotton bag to be hung somewhere. 


Proper preservation of the dress during its storage period can help protect the dress from getting yellow, from permanent creasing, mild, mildew, oxidation spots and staining from dust and light. Considering the cost of the wedding gown, most of the women choose to get them preserved professionally so as to protect the investment. Here, wedding gown preservation kit is the best choice. It provide overall preservation as you need.

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